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We pride ourselves on our award winning, personal, proactive and professional service and we would be very proud to act on your behalf in relation to your proposed property transaction.

We appreciate that clients are concerned about the costs of legal services and we will always try to keep the legal costs and disbursements associated with your transaction to a minimum at all times. We will inform you as to the need for any potential additional legal work and / or disbursements as soon as we become aware of such issues.

We will provide you with as accurate an estimate as possible of the likely legal fees and disbursements involved in your property transaction. The legal cost estimate that we provide is not intended to be a “quote”, as there may be unforeseen costs and disbursements that arise throughout the course of your transaction that we would not have been aware of at the start of your transaction.

To obtain a competitive legal cost estimate –


Average Fees

Over the last twelve months, our average fees for dealing with property transactions are:-


Freehold Sale Transactions = £827.00 plus VAT

Leasehold Sale Transactions = £997.00 plus VAT

Freehold Purchase Transactions = £1,088.00 plus VAT

Leasehold Purchase Transactions = £1,265.00 plus VAT

Freehold Remortgage Transactions = £250.00 plus VAT

Leasehold Remortgage Transactions = £350.00 plus VAT


Please note that our Estimates are provided on the basis of the information supplied by you and must be read in conjunction with the list of Transparent Services and Fees delineated below.


Transparent Services and Fees

A comprehensive and transparent list of all potential additional services and fees that could arise in relation to your property transaction can be found here: Additional Services and Fees – Convey Law

This cost information must be read in conjunction with your Legal Cost Estimate. The vast majority of the services and fees detailed in the Additional Services and Fees – Convey Law link above will not be relevant to your transaction.

A summary of the most common Additional Services, Fees and Disbursements can be found below:-

Property Search Fees

Full Search Pack

Local Authority Search, Drainage & Water Search and Environmental Search = from £350.00

Local Authority Search = from £150.00

Drainage & Water Search = from £150.00

Environmental Search = from £100.00

Specialist Searches – Coal Mining, Tin Mining, Company Search = available upon request

Mortgage Lender Issues & Fees

Mortgage Lender Fees       £85 – £150 plus VAT


Expedited Transactions

Expedited Property Transaction Fee – exchange & completion within five working days of each event. £100 plus VAT


Stamp Duty Land Tax Fees and Charges

Stamp Duty Land Tax (completion of SDLT Tax Return form) £65 – £100 plus VAT


Leasehold Title Issues & Fees

Leasehold Title Fee      £100 – £200 plus VAT


Title Rectification, Issues and Fees

Unregistered Title Fee      £250 plus VAT
New Build Property Supplement      £150 plus VAT


Please note that in the event that additional work is undertaken by Convey Law which cannot effectively be described as falling into one of the highlighted additional fee categories, additional conveyancing charges will be calculated at a rate of £150.00 per hour (the “hourly rate”) plus a 10% proportion thereof in respect of each telephone call and letter made or received.

Should you have any further queries with regard to the legal costs involved in your conveyancing transaction, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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