Legal Enquiries

Legal Enquiries are the questions raised by the buyer’s Conveyancer to find out more information about the property.

There are a number of key steps which need to be carried out as part of a conveyance. All of them are designed to ensure that both parties in a transaction have all the key information they need about each other and the property to ensure they are making informed decisions and to ensure the sale progresses safely and smoothly.

At Convey Law, we guide you through the process of dealing with legal enquiries to make sure you understand why enquiries have been raised and how we can work to resolve them.

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About Legal Enquiries

As the conveyancing process is still governed by the ‘buyer beware’ principle, it is the role of the buyer’s Conveyancer to ensure that the property is ‘saleable’ and ‘mortgageable’.

The buyer’s Conveyancer will continue to raise enquiries with the seller until they are satisfied that this is the case. It is for the seller and their Conveyancer to provide the information to satisfy the enquiries. Often this can involve back and forth between parties by email and phone.

Typically, the buyer’s Conveyancer will raise enquiries following their review of the draft contract papers and the search results. The buyer can also raise non-legal enquiries about the property, such as whether kitchen appliances can be purchased or whether repairs can be made prior to exchange.

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