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We are committed to providing personal, proactive, and professional service, and we would be delighted to handle your property transaction.

Our team will offer you a detailed Legal Cost Estimate, which includes our projected legal fees and disbursements. This estimate will be as precise as possible, reflecting the information you provide at the beginning of the transaction.

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Our Fees

Buy a property
Buying a Property

Freehold Purchase from £1,225

Leasehold Purchase from £1,465

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Sell a property
Selling a Property

Freehold Sale from £865

Leasehold Sale from £1,105

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Buy and Sell Property
Buying and Selling

Freehold Purchase from £1,225

Freehold Sale from £865

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Remortgage property

Freehold Remortgage from £360

Leasehold Remortgage from £600

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Transparent Fees

Your Legal Cost Estimate will detail your anticipated legal fees and disbursements, based on the information available to us.

Your legal costs will not increase without us discussing them with you and we will always look to keep your legal costs to a minimum.

Your Legal Cost Estimate is not a “fixed quote” as there may be unforeseen legal work and third-party costs that arise throughout the course of your transaction that we would not have been aware of.

Your Conveyancer will contact you to discuss additional unforeseen legal work or costs. The following is a comprehensive list of potential additional legal work and approximate fees, the vast majority of which will not be relevant to your transaction.

In the event additional legal work is undertaken which does not fall into an additional fee categories on the list below, our conveyancing charges will be calculated at a rate of £200 plus VAT per hour or £20 plus Vat per item for telephone calls or written correspondence.

Should you have any concerns regarding the legal costs associated with your property transaction, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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