Property Searches

Property searches are a vital part of your transaction as they provide essential information about issues which could impact your property value or its viability.

At Convey Law, we have spent years building relationships with the best search providers in the UK, who pride themselves on providing the most comprehensive and user-friendly reports.

The searches are ordered at the start of the transaction once we have received the information from the seller’s Conveyancer and your mortgage provider. Typically, the results take between 10 days and 3 weeks to be returned.

Once received, your Conveyancer will provide you with a detailed report which will highlight any issues for your attention.

Common Searches

There are a number of key steps which need to be carried out as part of a conveyance. All of them are designed to ensure that both parties in a transaction have all the key information they need about each other and the property to ensure they are making informed decisions and to ensure the sale progresses safely and smoothly.

The principle of Caveat Emptor, or ‘Buyer Beware’ means that it is the responsibility of the buyer to find out as much as possible about the property before Exchange of Contacts. Property searches are a significant part of the puzzle as they provide you, your Conveyancer and your mortgage provider with essential information about the property.

A typical property search pack includes three common searches; Local Authority Search, Water and Drainage Search and Environmental. In certain areas of the country, you may also need to carry out extra searches such as Coal, Tin or Clay.

Local Authority Search
Reveals any planning permission applications and building regulation works at the property, whether it is a listed building or in a conservation area and other important information.
Water and Drainage Search
Reveals whether the property is connected to mains drainage, if there is a public sewer in the boundary, as well as confirmation as to how the water is billed i.e. on a meter.
Environmental Search
Looks at land use that may have had an environmental impact on the property. This will reveal whether the property is situated on contaminated land, at risk of flooding or subsidence, as well as other matters.

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