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Convey Law have developed an industry-leading conveyancing pathway, with qualifications accredited by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC), which can train complete novices from ground level or allow those with some experience to join our pathway at an appropriate later stage, therefore offering defined professional development at whatever stage you join.

The pathway offers three clear steps to its training phase before staff can go on to become a Junior Conveyancer, a Conveyancer and then a Senior Conveyancer. Senior Conveyancers also have the opportunity for further promotion to a Conveyancing Supervisor.

Each step on the pathway is rewarded with a clear salary package which rises as you reach each new stage, giving trainees a transparent progress and promotion route.

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What can Convey Law give you?

Convey Law is one of the largest specialist conveyancing companies in the UK. Convey is unique in being able to offer outstanding career opportunities and training to those already in the conveyancing or legal world as well as to complete novices.

A career with Convey Law is just that. No one else in the conveyancing industry can provide you with the same training, opportunities and pay and perks.

You will have the chance to undertake our in-house award-winning conveyancing courses with access to state-of-the-art materials supported by a top flight team of tutors, as you gain first-hand experience and progress along a clear conveyancing pathway which gives you the chance to rise to the very top.

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Professional Development

You will be supported throughout your career by mentors who value your succession in the company and you will have regular performance reviews.

Along the way, you will also gain industry-accredited qualifications which are recognised throughout the conveyancing world. Our apprentices follow the Practising Conveyancer Level Three Legal Diploma Apprenticeship over a 6-12 month period and, once they progress to become a Junior Conveyancer, they progress on to the Level 4 and Level 6 CLC Licensed Conveyancer courses.

A complete novice can typically qualify as a Level 6 Licensed Conveyancer within 3-4 years of joining Convey Law.

The generous pay and benefits structure is transparent so you know what you might be able to achieve at each stage of your career. The sky is the limit to your career progression at Convey Law.

Our Culture

Working at Convey Law engenders a strong sense of camaraderie as Conveyancers work in small inclusive and supportive teams closely mentored by senior staff.

Wellbeing is central to Convey Law’s culture and the company has won a number of high-profile awards for the quality of its support for staff, both in helping to maintain and promote staff wellbeing and positive mental health as well as for the provision of services for those who are in need such as an in-house free counsellor.

The workforce also takes part in regular fun charity events, as well as enjoying regular social gatherings, both formal and informal. Staff can also nominate charities close to their heart for donations from The Conveyancing Foundation.

Conveyancing Career Pathway

Quarter 1 Salary: £19,000*

Month 1 - Welcome Pack

Welcome Pack Competency

Salary: £19,000*
Month 2 - Post Completion

Post Completion Competencies

Salary: £19,000*
Month 3 - Trainee Conveyancer

Trainee Conveyancer Competencies

Salary: £19,000*

Quarter 2 Salary: £21,000*

Month 4 - Trainee Conveyancer

Freehold/Leasehold Competencies

Salary: £21,000*
Month 5 - Trainee Conveyancer

Freehold/Leasehold Competencies

Salary: £21,000*
Month 6 - Trainee Conveyancer

Freehold/Leasehold Competencies

Salary: £21,000*

Quarter 3 Salary: £25,000*

Month 7 - Trainee Conveyancer

Freehold/Leasehold Competencies

Salary: £25,000*
Month 8 - Trainee Conveyancer

Freehold/Leasehold Competencies

Salary: £25,000*
Month 9 - Conveyancer

Graduation Cohort

Salary: £25,000*

Quarter 4 Salary: £28,000*

Month 10 - Conveyancer

Advanced Conveyancing Competencies

Salary: £28,000*
Month 11 - Conveyancer

Advanced Conveyancing Competencies

Salary: £28,000*
Month 12 - Conveyancer

Advanced Conveyancing Competencies

Salary: £30,000*

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