Career Pathway

At Convey Law we have developed an industry-leading conveyancing pathway, which allows us to excel in our roles and meet our career aspirations.

We fully support and train our aspiring conveyancing professionals to qualify as Solicitors, Licensed Conveyancers or Cilex Regulated Conveyancers.

Our Conveyancers are constantly learning and developing their expertise with the help of our expert internal tutor and coaching team and mentoring structure. Over 70% of our Conveyancers have been trained internally and are being or have been supported financially through to their chosen professional qualifications.

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What can Convey Law give you?

Convey Law is one of the largest specialist conveyancing companies in the UK. Convey is unique in being able to offer outstanding career opportunities and training to those already in the conveyancing or legal world as well as to complete novices.

A career with Convey Law is just that. No one else in the conveyancing industry can provide you with the same training, opportunities and pay and perks.

You will have the chance to undertake our in-house award-winning conveyancing courses with access to state-of-the-art materials supported by a top flight team of tutors, as you gain first-hand experience and progress along a clear conveyancing pathway which gives you the chance to rise to the very top.

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Award Winning Training

As an award winning specialist conveyancing practice, Convey Law has met the training standard requirements of the Solicitors Regulation Authority to offer Solicitor Training Contracts and we are actively recruiting Trainee Solicitors who have completed their LPC courses.

We are recruiting five Trainees a month and have been for the last 18 months, which has facilitated our exponential growth over the last two years. We are looking for aspiring conveyancing professionals to join our team. Many of our new Trainees come from conveyancing or legal backgrounds where they may not have been given the opportunity to progress their careers and professional qualifications.

Career Progression

Our Conveyancers are encouraged to excel and to progress from Junior Conveyancers to Senior Conveyancing and Supervisory roles. We work hard to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to excel in their careers. We were the first legal practice in the UK to be awarded Gold Investors in People accreditation standard in 2014.

Our Convey Law Conveyancing Protocol allows us to train complete novices into competent Conveyancers within 12 months. Transparent salary and bonus structures ensure that Trainee Conveyancers are rewarded finically as they progress, with young Conveyancers able to earn up to £30k within the first 12 – 18 months of their time at Convey Law.

Professional Development

The Convey Law Conveyancing Training Protocol enables Trainees to be fully effective Conveyancers within 12 – 18 months, with continuous training and financial support available to qualification as Licensed Conveyancers, CILEX Regulated Conveyancers and now Solicitors over the two to three year training programme.

Convey Law was voted Best Welsh Apprenticeship provider in 2021 at the Welsh Government Apprenticeship Awards for our Conveyancer training programme.

Convey Law graduated 30 new Conveyancers through the Conveyancing Academy Practicing Conveyancer Legal Diploma in 2022 and we currently working with Cilex towards regulation and accreditation of our highly practical Level 3 and 6 conveyancing courses to enable Conveyancers to qualify as Cilex Regulated Conveyancers.

Our Culture

Our family oriented working environment engenders a strong sense of camaraderie. We work in small, inclusive and supportive teams and cohorts, mentored by experienced professionals and our work colleagues.

Wellbeing is central to our culture and we have won a number of high-profile awards for our wellbeing, mental health initiatives and our in house counselling, coaching and mentoring infrastructure.

We enjoy regular, fun charity events, social gatherings and parties. We choose which charities to support with funds raised through charity events and the Conveyancing Foundation Charity Lotto. Over the course of the last decade Convey Law has become the most successful charity fundraising legal practice in the UK, having raised over £935,000 for the wonderful charities that we support.

Conveyancing Career Pathway

Quarter 1 Salary: £19,000*

Month 1 - Welcome Pack

Welcome Pack Competency

Salary: £19,000*
Month 2 - Post Completion

Post Completion Competencies

Salary: £19,000*
Month 3 - Trainee Conveyancer

Trainee Conveyancer Competencies

Salary: £19,000*

Quarter 2 Salary: £21,000*

Month 4 - Trainee Conveyancer

Freehold/Leasehold Competencies

Salary: £21,000*
Month 5 - Trainee Conveyancer

Freehold/Leasehold Competencies

Salary: £21,000*
Month 6 - Trainee Conveyancer

Freehold/Leasehold Competencies

Salary: £21,000*

Quarter 3 Salary: £25,000*

Month 7 - Trainee Conveyancer

Freehold/Leasehold Competencies

Salary: £25,000*
Month 8 - Trainee Conveyancer

Freehold/Leasehold Competencies

Salary: £25,000*
Month 9 - Conveyancer

Graduation Cohort

Salary: £25,000*

Quarter 4 Salary: £28,000*

Month 10 - Conveyancer

Advanced Conveyancing Competencies

Salary: £28,000*
Month 11 - Conveyancer

Advanced Conveyancing Competencies

Salary: £28,000*
Month 12 - Conveyancer

Advanced Conveyancing Competencies

Salary: £30,000*

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