Convey Law Work Experience

Convey Law were excited to hold their first Work Experience week for graduates and undergraduates which was designed to introduce individuals to conveyancing as a career and showcase Convey Law’s award winning and revolutionary approach to conveyancing.

The 5 individuals were treated to a day-long induction seminar which provided them with an overview of the business, a conveyancing transaction and practical sales techniques. They then met with Lloyd Davies, the Managing Director who took them through the responsibilities of the different departments and revolutionary structure of the business. He offered an insight into managing the business and his journey in creating an award winning company.

The delegates were offered hands on experience which included inputting vital data, speaking to clients, reviewing cases and working with buddies to achieve set objectives.

The week culminated in a presentation to Lloyd Davies and Gareth Richards, the Legal Director which showcased what they had learned during the week and how the business is an industry leader.

As well as interactive training sessions, the individuals were offered the opportunity to develop their own personal skills through sales and coaching techniques and received feedback from all the departments they visited.

The delegates offered their own feedback on the experience:

“This opportunity gave me a deeper insight into conveyancing and the company, what it’s like to work in a bigger and more modern firm who are at the leading edge in the conveyancing world”

“I was able to do something substantial…to learn about the business ….there has been a clear structure and objectives….I particularly enjoyed being allowed to call clients and manage cases as it felt like I was being allowed to make an important contribution and everyone has been extremely helpful and friendly”

The programme is “more like an internship than a work experience week…..I felt like another member of the team and this week has far exceeded any other work experience I have undertaken”.

Convey Law are now planning to run this scheme during next year’s Easter and Summer holidays. If you are interested in applying to experience and explore the world of revolutionary conveyancing, please contact: or contact us via our contact us page:

August 12, 2015