The Conveyancing Team at Convey Law Continues to Grow

The Conveyancing Team at Convey Law Continues to Grow

Residential conveyancing legal specialists Convey Law continue to expand their conveyancing team, despite the poor economic climate.
Over the course of the last 10 years Convey Law has expanded into one of the largest specialist residential conveyancing legal service providers in the UK.

Since the start of 2013, Convey Law has successfully recruited three new Conveyancers to join their conveyancing team, which is already the largest in South Wales. An additional seven members of staff have been recruited to the Convey Law support team. The Convey Law revolutionary conveyancing procedure involves elements of the work being undertaken by ‘background teams’ who work diligently in a quiet environment, allowing them to process the information and pay due attention to complex conveyancing issues. The Convey Law background teams support the Convey Law live conveyancing teams, who concentrate their efforts on providing excellent customer service and processing property transactions as quickly and as safely as possible.

Lloyd Davies, Managing Director at Convey Law, commented as follows:-

‘We are pleased to have been able to recruit a number of quality individuals to our conveyancing team this year. We believe that we currently have one of the most effective conveyancing teams that we have had in our history. We are specialist Conveyancers and we offer an excellent environment in which our Conveyancers can excel. There is nothing better than being able to share an idea or a problem with a fellow Conveyancer, who can call on their experience to help process transactions as quickly and as expeditiously as possible, to the satisfaction of our clients.

“All of the Conveyancers at Convey Law have a direct input into the way that we work. At Convey Law we standardise best practice and implement it to the best of our ability. The Convey Law Conveyancers have some of the lightest caseloads in the conveyancing industry, which gives them the time to provide the necessary client care and a first class personal service.

“The conveyancing world has changed indefinitely with the advent of new technology. Everyone now has a mobile phone and a vast majority of people have iphones, which gives them instant access to emails and the internet. We do everything possible to email all of our clients in relation to all matters. We find that this enhances the speed of the property transaction and the service being provided to our clients. We try and deal with all correspondence received within 48 hours, in order to ensure that we are as quick as we can be in processing our clients property transactions at Convey Law.

“Convey Law are currently looking to recruit additional Conveyancers. We have had a number of opportunities to develop our business recently. We do not take on new opportunities that we cannot service effectively and hence we need the personnel before the work. In the event that you are looking for a position at Convey Law, please do not hesitate to contact us. We provide an excellent working environment for our Conveyancers and support staff at Convey Law. In-house training is provided as part of our commitment to our Investment in People process. All new CVs are most welcome”.

May 30, 2013