New Home for New Baby

Conveyancing Company moves family to their new home just in time for a new arrival.

If you were to compile a list of the most life changing and important experiences of a person’s life then sure enough, you would find the arrival of a child and moving into a new home rather close to the top of the list. So when these two experiences come along in the same week – that’s certainly an unforgettable 7 days for anybody.

This is the situation that Mr and Moody recently found themselves in. With their baby daughter Lydia, due to arrive at any moment, the couple from Swindon were understandably very eager to finalise their property transaction as quickly as possible.

Luckily for them, the couple had instructed specialist conveyancing company Convey Law to act on their behalf for the sale of their existing home and purchase of a new home. Convey Law, who believe in an ethos of providing an efficient and yet personal service, were made aware of the unique situation during a regular case update made to Mrs Moody by her conveyancer Felicity Waite.

Felicity Waite was then able to utilise her specialist conveyancing experience in order to ensure the transaction proceeded as smoothly as possible for the couple who obviously had time and resources taken up elsewhere. The resulting work and dedication allowed Convey Law to complete the transaction in time for Mr and Mrs Moody to move in to their new home just three days before baby Lydia was born, culminating in one of the most exciting and successful weeks the Moody’s are ever likely to experience.

Felicity Waite, Conveyancer at Convey Law commented:

“I was so pleased that we had succeeded in completing the transaction in time for baby Lydia’s arrival. To be able to help a family start an exciting new chapter in their life is highly rewarding and it was a pleasure to work on their

Mr and Mrs Moody commented:

“The service we received was fantastic. Convey Law were able to complete our transaction in just in time for us to welcome our baby daughter to the family. The fact that Felicity took a personal interest in our situation was great. It was a huge relief to move in before our daughter was born – we were very grateful and would certainly recommend Convey Law to friends and family in the future.”

July 3, 2013