Law Societies’ Digital Conveyancing Summit 2022: The Impact of Technology on Your People

Convey Law MD Lloyd Davies joined an expert conveyancing panel at last week’s inaugural Digital Conveyancing Summit (28 September, 2022) held at the prestigious Law Society in London which focused on digital conveyancing now and in the future. 

Industry veteran Lloyd, who is also chairman of the Conveyancing Foundation charity, joined Ian McCann, CEO of Legal Studio, and Mike Leeman, Managing Partner of Bell Lamb & Joynson, in a live discussion in front of an audience of industry colleagues hosted by David Opie, Managing Editor of Today’s Conveyancer. 

Taking questions from the floor, the trio talked about how technology had changed working practices within the conveyancing industry and what impact it had had on staff. 

The panel agreed that the best use of technology was in supporting staff to enable them to work smarter rather than harder and concentrate on customer service. 

Lloyd stressed that while technology could certainly be used more and more to monitor staff, its key benefits were in helping conveyancing practices to “manage capacity” which had been extremely useful during the Pandemic, and “enhancing client service”. 

“Technology plays a big part in managing capacity,” he said. “We try not to give our conveyancers too much work and tech gives us that transparency of seeing what they can cope with. 

“What happens with most firms is that they use technology to provide a better service.” 

Lloyd also said that digital feedback enabled by tech provided firms with “an important barometer” of performance which in turn meant potential issues with staff wellbeing could be picked up early. 

The panel also discussed the positive and time-saving uses of technology including video training, group meetings and automation of some of the simpler tasks as well as the division of labour within a conveyancing practice to enable staff to manage transactions and provide the best service for clients. 

The panel event was one of ten sessions at the conference featuring industry experts from the legal and conveyancing worlds looking at the biggest and most topical issues facing them in 2022 and beyond. 

September 29, 2022