Laura Burkinshaw Discusses Property Due Diligence and the Future of Searches on Today’s Conveyancer Podcast

Convey Law are excited to share that Laura Burkinshaw, Head of Legal Practice, was recently featured on the Today’s Conveyancer Podcast. The extended edition podcast was aired as part of National Conveyancing Week 2023 and was hosted by David Opie. Laura was joined by a panel of professionals from across the conveyancing sector to discuss the increasingly complex world of property due diligence and searches.

The panel included Andrew Prismall, Chair of the Association of Independent Search Agents, James Sherwood-Rogers, Independent Chair of the Council of Property Search Organisations (CoPSO), Chris Loaring, Managing Director, Landmark Legal and founding member of the Conveyancing Information Executive (CIE), and Simon Law, Head of Legal Practice DC Law & JS Law and Chair, Society of Licensed Conveyancers (SLC).

In the podcast, the panel discussed the current position of practitioners and data providers, as well as explored some of the history behind property data and searches to help us understand how we’ve got the position we have. They also talked about the inclusion of climate change data as “the straw that breaks the camel’s back” as conveyancers are expected to report on an increasing range of potential environmental and physical factors that could affect the property which they are for the most part untrained to do.

The discussion focused on the current direction of travel and explored views on technology, accessing live data rather than snippets in time, the ability to refresh information, product roadmaps for the data providers, and the issue of climate change.

Laura’s contributions to the podcast were invaluable. As the Head of Legal Practice at Convey Law and her SLC title, Laura has a wealth of experience in the conveyancing sector. She was able to provide valuable insights into the challenges that conveyancers face when dealing with property due diligence and searches.

Listen to this entertaining podcast to hear the panel’s views on the increasingly complex world of property due diligence and searches here.

April 25, 2023