Housing Market Recovery Offers Excellent Career Prospects in Industry

Upturn in property sales leads to increased recruitment and excellent prospects in Conveyancing

With the conveyancing industry now recovering at a consistent rate according to the latest ‘Conveyancing Sentiment’ survey, many leading conveyancing companies in England and Wales have turned, or will be turning their attention imminently to recruitment.

The latest survey reported that a third of respondents reported the hiring of additional solicitors and paralegals with a further 42% reporting confidence that they will expand their workforce in the next 6 months.

The results have given rise to concerns within the industry that a skills ‘gap’ will appear due to the recession and the need of companies to hire and train new employees during the apparent recovery. The conveyancing recruitment market has already become very competitive with qualified and/or experienced staff at a premium.

The skills ‘gap’ has been created by the general lack of recruitment and progression within the industry following the 2008 recession and largely stagnant housing market since. However, with the market now seemingly on a consistent upward curve, the need for new recruits in the industry is sure to spring into life. This will create both plentiful job opportunities and the potential for swift progression within the industry.

Conveyancing companies are likely to invest heavily in extensive training programmes for their recruits in order to fill the skills ‘gap’ as quickly as possible thus providing an ideal opportunity for many to forge a successful career in a relatively short space of time due to demand.

Gareth Richards, Legal Director at Convey Law, one of the largest specialist conveyancing companies in the UK, commented on the benefits of extensive internal training:
“The work we have undertaken in regards to internal training has become a key aspect to our business model here at Convey Law. We always aim to provide the best environment possible for staff to develop and reach their full potential. In the current climate we have seen an added benefit to the training programme as recruiting suitable personnel has certainly become more difficult in recent months. The personnel that we promote within will already have an exceptional working knowledge of our systems and procedures which allows them to quickly and efficiently adapt to their new positions.”

February 24, 2014