Convey Your Property in 45 Minutes

Residential Conveyancing Lawyers, Convey Law are at the very forefront of the e-Conveyancing revolution.

National specialist conveyancing company Convey Law have been keen to implement new conveyancing practices and procedures and adopt modern technology to enhance the conveyancing process.

Late last year, the Land Registry asked Convey Law to pilot their new Electronic Document Registration Service – “e-DRS”. Due to the volume of transactions that Convey Law complete, they register in the top 10 in the UK in relation to Land Registry transactional figures, Convey Law were pleased to help the Land Registry test the new e-registration system.

The new electronic procedure ensures that the interests of both clients and lenders are adequately protected and registered quickly and effectively at the Land Registry. This process can take weeks if undertaken manually as opposed to electronically.

The ‘e-DRS’ is an exciting new addition to Convey Law’s technological repertoire and another way for them to keep pushing technological advances to enhance the overall service for their clients.

For more information, or to obtain a quote, please do not hesitate to their New Business Team on 0845 052 5626.

Helen Rogers, Head of the Post Completion Team at Convey Law commented:

“We have a dedicated team working for us at the Land Registry in Gloucester, due to the volume of transactions that we register on a monthly basis. It was great to work with them on their new electronic registration system.”

“The fastest registration that we have processed this year was completed and returned to us within 45 minutes! We made the application online; the Land Registry processed it and returned it to us within the hour. This process can sometimes take weeks to facilitate manually and when using snail mail. The system isn’t perfect and together we are working to make sure that it is as seamless and effective as possible for all parties concerned. We are delighted to be working with the Land Registry on this project.”

March 5, 2013