Convey Law Takes Part in the First National Conveyancing Week


We’re excited to share that Convey Law, the go-to residential conveyancing company based in Wales, joined the first-ever National Conveyancing Week held from 20th to 24th March 2023, created by Today’s Conveyancer and Bold Legal Group. This week-long event aimed to provide valuable insights, knowledge, and guidance to industry professionals and conveyancers, while raising the profile of the conveyancing industry. Convey Law’s participation in NCW highlights their commitment to staying at the forefront of their field and their dedication to providing excellent services to their clients.

90 Seconds With Lloyd Davies to Discuss Collaboration in Conveyancing

Convey Law’s Managing Director, Lloyd Davies, recently took part in a 90-second interview with Eva Whittaker, Operational Director at Optimus, to discuss the importance of collaboration in conveyancing. The interview covered the crucial role that kindness plays in the industry.

Laura Burkinshaw, Head of Legal Practice at Convey Law Discusses Simplifying property due diligence and the future of searches on the Today’s Conveyancer Podcast

This podcast explores the current position of practitioners and data providers, delves into the history of property data and searches, and discusses the use of technology, accessing live data, and product roadmaps for data providers, all while addressing the issue of climate change. Listen to this entertaining podcast to hear the panel’s views by clicking here.


#ShareTheLove Campaign Spreads Kindness in Conveyancing

As part of the Conveyancing Foundation’s #ShareTheLove campaign, Convey Law participated in National Conveyancing Week to promote kindness and positivity within the property industry, which can often be highly competitive. Several Convey Law staff joined in by sharing a kind message on social media with fellow peers.

Read all of the messages here.

Lloyd Davies, Managing Director of Convey Law, said:

“Sharing kind messages can go a long way in brightening someone’s day, especially during these challenging times. I’m thrilled to see our staff get involved in the #ShareTheLove campaign, spreading positivity and kindness throughout our community. In my recent 90-second interview with Optimus, I spoke about the importance of building a supportive workplace culture, and this is just one example of how we can do that. Let’s continue to spread love and kindness wherever we can.”

May 2, 2023