Convey Law Celebrated Internal Promotions & Long Services Awards 2023

At Convey Law, we take immense pride in recognising and celebrating the dedication and commitment of our exceptional team members. On the 30th of June, we had the pleasure of hosting a special ceremony to honour our esteemed colleagues who have reached remarkable milestones in their service with us.

The recipients of the Long Service Awards were truly deserving of this recognition for their unwavering loyalty and hard work. Among the celebrated team members, we applaud:

Jo Salkeld – Post Completion – 20 Years

Dave Evans – Postman/Mailroom – 20 Years

Lauren Thomas – Academy Supervisor – 10 Years

Millie Rooke – Legal Cashier – 10 Years

Abbie Price – Conveyancer – 5 Years

Megan Jones – Conveyancing Supervisor – 5 Years

Tom McLaren-Roberts – Cover Conveyancer – 5 Years

Andrew Aristidoglou – Cover Conveyancer – 5 Years

Each of these individuals has played a crucial role in contributing to the success and growth of Convey Law, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude for their continued dedication.

In the midst of celebrating milestones, we must also bid farewell to a valued member of our team. After an impressive 20 years of dedicated service, Dave Evans, who worked in the mailroom and served as our reliable postman, has decided to retire. Dave’s presence and commitment have been an integral part of our journey, and we sincerely thank him for his countless contributions.

We firmly believe that the success of Convey Law lies in the hands of our exceptional team members, whose passion and diligence continue to drive us forward. As we celebrate these long service awards, we eagerly look forward to the continued growth and achievements of our extraordinary team.

Congratulations to all our awardees and a heartfelt farewell to Dave Evans. Here’s to many more years of success and teamwork!

Convey Law Internal Promotions

Equally noteworthy are the internal promotions that highlight the remarkable talent and potential within our ranks.

Lauren Forbes – Promoted to Conveyancing Supervisor: With an impressive track record of excellence, Lauren has been promoted to the role of Conveyancing Supervisor. Her meticulous attention to detail and dedication to exceptional client service make her a true asset to our team.

Emma Robinson – Promoted to Academy Supervisor: Emma’s commitment to nurturing talent and ensuring the growth of our team has led to her promotion as Academy Supervisor. Her wealth of knowledge and passion for education will undoubtedly continue to inspire our team members.

Shannon Weston – Promoted to PC Supervisor: We are delighted to announce Shannon Weston’s promotion to PC Supervisor. Her leadership and expertise in handling complex matters have been instrumental in our success.

Chevaunne Callaghan – Promoted to Welcome Pack Supervisor: Chevaunne’s organisational prowess and dedication to ensuring a seamless onboarding experience have earned her the role of Welcome Pack Supervisor.

Jordan Davies – Promoted to Senior Systems Technician: In recognition of his exceptional technical skills and innovative thinking, Jordan Davies has been promoted to the position of Senior Systems Technician. His contributions are invaluable to our technological advancements.

Samantha Finn – Promoted to Training Academy Supervisor: Samantha’s commitment to fostering growth and development within our team has led to her promotion as Training Academy Supervisor. Her guidance will shape the next generation of talent at Convey Law.

Tom McClaren-Roberts – Promoted to Cover Conveyancer Supervisor: Tom’s depth of expertise and dedication to precision has led to his promotion as Cover Conveyancer Supervisor. His leadership will undoubtedly elevate our conveyancing operations.

These achievements extend beyond the confines of our office walls. The dedication and diligence of our team members directly impact our clients and partners. Through comprehensive conveyancing solutions, educational initiatives led by our Academy, and a commitment to excellence in every endeavour, each individual contributes to our identity as an industry leader.

Well done team!

September 1, 2023