Conveyancing Foundation Celebrates Prostate Cymru’s 20th Anniversary

The Conveyancing Foundation team recently had the pleasure of attending Prostate Cymru‘s 20th anniversary event, celebrating the charity’s dedication to prostate health in Wales.

The event featured a bespoke piece of artwork created by the talented Welsh artist Nathan Wyburn, incorporating images submitted by the public that represented their association with the charity. The artwork was unveiled at the event, and the Conveyancing Foundation team was thrilled to be present to show our support for one of our partner charities.

Prostate Cymru has been the leading prostate health charity in Wales for two decades, working to raise awareness, fund research, and provide support for those affected by prostate cancer and other prostate diseases. The charity’s efforts have made a significant impact on prostate health in Wales, and we are proud to be partnering with them to support their ongoing work.

Nicola Lancaster, our charity representative, attended the event and had the opportunity to meet with Prostate Cymru’s staff and supporters. Nicola said, “It was a pleasure to attend Prostate Cymru’s 20th anniversary event and to see the incredible artwork created by Nathan Wyburn. The Conveyancing Foundation is proud to partner with Prostate Cymru and support their work to improve prostate health in Wales. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the charity and making a difference in the lives of those affected by prostate cancer and other prostate diseases.”

May 10, 2023