Convey Law Raise £824.93 in One Day for Charity!

The staff at Convey Law raised money for the Ty Hafan childrens hospice on Friday with a great Six Nations themed party.

Convey Law are not your average Conveyancing provider. They believe that all companies should take an active role in corporate responsibility and this includes using their services to support those that are less fortunate than themselves.

With this in mind, Convey Law have been raising money, not only for local charities but for Cancer Research and the Ty Hafan Childrens Hospice as well. In the last two years alone Convey Law have raised over £70,000 for charity and last Friday was no different.

Most of Convey Law’s employees are Welsh and were recently celebrating the Welsh rugby team’s success in the Six Nations Championship, so it was decided that it was about time for another famous Convey Law staff party, with all the proceeds being donated to Ty Hafan.

Each member of staff donated £10, as an entrance fee for the party and in return Convey Law would donate the refreshments (of which there were many!). Convey Law’s Managing Director, Lloyd Davies also volunteered to transform into a Welsh dragon for the day, but only if members of staff sponsored him. Lloyd raised a total of £282 through the staff’s sponsorship. But it didn’t stop there!

It was then discussed as to whether other members of the Convey Law team would dress up for Charity. Rob Hosier (Sales Manager) and Gareth Richards (Legal Director) were ‘volunteered’ (more like forced) to support Lloyd. The outfits chosen were a Lucky Irish Leprechaun and a Traditional Welsh Lady. Gareth picked the short straw and donned the Welsh Lady costume and between the three of them managed to raise a brilliant £272.93 just from donations from the general public in Newport City Centre!

April 11, 2012