The Conveyancing Journey

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The Conveyancing Journey

Most clients are concerned as to how long it will take to complete their property transaction.


An outline of the Conveyancing Journey and key stages of your property transactions can be found from accessing the following link CL_WP_SP_timetable.


The national average time taken to complete a residential property transaction is currently 18 weeks.


At Convey Law, our structured and proactive system of working enables us to record some of the fastest transactional timelines in the UK. 


The timescales involved in most transactions are usually reliant upon situations or documentation beyond our control. However, we will keep you updated at all stages of the conveyancing process so that you remain fully informed of the status of your property transaction.


We will endeavour to place you in a position to complete your property transaction as soon as possible and thereafter proceed to completion in accordance with your instructions.