Frequently Asked Conveyancing Questions

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The following questions have been derived from questions asked by our Clients in relation to the conveyancing process.

In the event that you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Will I need to go into the Conveyancers office to sign all relevant documentation?
No. All issues can be dealt with by correspondence – by email, letter or by telephone. The distance between you and your Conveyancer is of no relevance to your property transaction.

Will I be able to speak to my Conveyancer whenever I need to?
Yes. Your personal Conveyancer will always be available for you to speak to during normal working hours. Our target response time for returning calls is two hours.

How long does a normal conveyancing transaction take?
An average conveyancing transaction takes anywhere between 10 – 12 weeks to complete. We have sold properties in the past within 48 hours of receipt of instructions – most Clients do not wish to move to these timescales!

Why should I use Convey Law?
We provide a friendly and proactive conveyancing service that puts you in a position to complete your property transaction as soon as possible.

No Move No Fee products are available.

We work to your moving dates and requirements.

We hope that this narrative will assist you in the conveyancing process.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact any member of our
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