Employee of the Month


February 2017 Award Winner

Donna McCarthy

Donna joined Convey Law 3 years ago and has performed each of her roles with fantastic commitment and humour and the February Employee of the Month Award is appropriate acknowledgement of her great performance of her Junior Conveyancer role – well done Donna!!
Brie Harris

January 2017 Award Winner

Brie Harris

Brie continues to excel in her role, implementing a fantastic way of working, which ensures that she continues to reach her key targets, whilst achieving exceptional feedback from her clients – thank you Brie, you should be very proud!!
Kirsty Robinson

Employee of the Year 2016

Kirsty Robinson

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Kirsty this month as she leaves for warmer climes. Since returning to Convey Law, Kirsty has moved from her role as a brilliant Conveyancer to an exceptional Supervising Senior Conveyancer and mentor and has been instrumental in the success of our Junior Conveyancer Programme. Thank you for your wonderful hard work Kirsty and we look forward to visting the Convey Law Cyprus branch in the near future!!
Sam Doubler

November 2016 Award Winner

Sam Doubler

During Sam’s first month as a Junior Conveyancer she achieved 19 exchanges, with a Customer Service Rating of 91% – a fantastic start to her new role – thank you Sam!!
Alex and Sophia

October 2016 Award Winners

Alex Harris and Sophia Ramzan

Employee of the Month Award for October was awarded to both Alex Harris and Sophia Ramzan for their recent fantastic efforts – the management team could not split the two!!! Alex has performed fantastically well in his new Junior Conveyancer role, receiving some wonderful feedback from his clients and introducers – well done Alex!!! Since joining us in August, Sophia has immersed herself in the environment, performing admirably in a number of roles, most notably in providing effective Conveyancer cover and now in her Junior Conveyancer role – thank you Sophia!!
(p.s. The Directors were face painted by the staff for Children in Need)

August 2016 Award Winner

Bethany Summers

Bethany has recently moved into a Junior Conveyancer role and has performed fantastically well during her short spell in the hot seat. Prior to taking up her new role, Bethany has provided some excellent cover for Conveyancers and has received positive feedback from her periods of cover!!

July 2016 Award Winner

Brie Harris

Brie completed an exemplary number of transactions throughout the month of July whilst maintaining an excellent standard of service and securing some great client service reviews. Thank you Brie for your incredible hard work and a great set of results.

June 2016 Award Winner

Louise Lavelle and Molly James

In the absence of any outstanding Teams in June, we made a joint award to Molly James and Louise Lavelle for their outstanding contribution to Convey Law. Both Molly and Louise have shown an ability to excel at whatever task they are asked to perform, often taking up new tasks without hesitation. Thank you both for your incredible hard work.

May 2016 Award Winner

Frances Miller

Frances has shown incredible commitment during her time at Convey Law, covering for Conveyancers when they are away from the office. Frances rarely starts work after 8am! Thank you for your incredible hard work once again Frances and congratulations on your Employee of the Month Award.

April 2016 Award Winner

Nikki Lee

We celebrated 10 years of employment at Convey Law for Nikki Lee on the 18th April 2016. Nikki is a great ambassador for Convey Law and has developed into an exceptional Conveyancer in recent years. Have a great day Nikki and thank you for your incredible hard work over the years.

February 2016 Award Winner

Nicolle Jones

Nicolle has made a fantastic start to her career as a Junior Conveyancer at Convey Law, achieving Bonus in her first Quarter! Nicolle certainly has a bright future here at Convey Law.

January 2016 Award Winner

Fern Bridgeman/Bethany Summers

Both Bethany and Fern provided fantastic cover support whilst their Conveyancers were on annual leave. Both have shown a great level of commitment, thank you for your hard work and dedication!

Employee of the Year 2015

Phill Edwards

“Phill stood out as the most effective and efficient Convey Law conveyancing employee in 2015. Phill’s won the Convey Law Team of the Year award for his consistency in relation to client service and exemplary conveyancing practice. Congratulations Phill and thank you for your hard work. We look forward to working with you in 2016 in building on your successes and emulating your conveyancing model throughout the whole of Convey Law.”
Georgia Davies

November 2015 Award Winner

Georgia Davies

November’s Employee of the Month is awarded to Georgia Davies. Georgia has demonstrated a fantastic level of commitment to her role with Nikki’s Team and regularly receives high praise from the team’s clients – congratulations Georgia!
Stacey Rake-Yoxall

October 2015 Award Winner

Stacey Rake-Yoxall

Since joining us, Stacey has displayed a fantastic work ethic, providing effective cover for the Conveyancers recently – thank you for your hard work Stacey!
Kirsty Bard

September 2015 Award Winner

Kirsty Bard

Kirsty has worked tirelessly over the course of the last 2 months to ensure that our new accounts exchange authorisation procedure is working effectively. She has introduced new methods of working within the department and helped the department to streamline its activities to provide the most effective service to everyone at Convey Law and to our clients. Kirsty has shown a great aptitude for implementing new systems and procedures and has worked tirelessly to ensure their execution within our environment. Thank you Kirsty for your ingenuity and hard work.
Cheryl Head

August 2015 Award Winner

Cheryl Head

“Cheryl continues to provide a fantastic level of client service, always recording wonderful feedback on a consistent basis.

Well done and thank you for your hard work!”

Lauren Ismail

July 2015 Award Winner

Lauren Ismail

“Lauren has always demonstrated a fantastic attitude to her work and has excelled in her role in Felicity’s Team. Lauren recently completed the CLC Paralegal Course and will shortly commence her studies on the formal CLC qualification.

Well done Lauren and thank you for your hard work!”

Brie Harris

June 2015 Award Winner

Brie Harris

Since joining us in May 2014 Brie has proved herself to be a highly committed member of staff, excelling in her role.
Brie has recently completed the CLC Paralegal Course and will shortly commence her studies on the formal CLC qualification.Well done Brie and thank you for your hard work!

May 2015 Award Winner

Joanne Powell

“Since joining us in March, Jo has displayed a fantastic work ethic and commitment to her role, performing fantastically when covering for Geraint recently.

Well done Jo – thank you for your hard work!”


April 2015 Award Winner

Gareth Evans

“Congratulations to our Head of Finance and Administration, Gareth Evans. Gareth was recently been appointed as a Director of Convey Law, in recognition of his commitment, expertise and loyalty to the company. Gareth has revolutionised the Convey Law Accounts Department so that it is a fully functioning auditing department for our business. He continues to strive towards a paper free environment, adapting and innovating change as required. We are delighted to welcome Gareth to the Board of Directors at Convey Law. Welcome Gareth and thank you for your hard work over the last 12 years.”

March 2015 Award Winner

Natalie Arr

“Congratulations to Natalie Arr for winning the Employee of the Month Award for March 2015. Natalie has instigated and developed a reporting procedure for the Welcome Pack Team, which is now being utilised throughout all of the background teams, to measure and manage caseloads and performance. Under her management and supervision, the Welcome Pack Team have performed exceptionally well and are now performing to target – well done to you all for your hard work. Well done Natalie – thank you for your hard work and innovative thinking.”
Kathryn Jones

February 2015 Award Winner

Kathryn Jones

“Kathryn successfully completed her Conveyancing exams in March and we hope to formalise her qualification as a Licensed Conveyancer over the coming weeks. Kathryn has been working at Convey Law for over 5 years and has excelled throughout that period. Thank you Kathryn for your hard work and dedication. It has been a pleasure to sponsor your conveyancing qualifications.”
Kirsty Robinson

February 2015 Award Winner

Kirsty Robinson

“Kirsty continued to provide exceptional client service in February, despite very difficult personal circumstances. Thank you for your incredible professionalism and perseverance Kirsty. You are a pleasure to work with.”
Lauren Rooke

January 2015 Award Winner

Lauren Rooke

“Lauren worked tirelessly at the end of last year, and at the start of this year, to provide exceptional service to our clients. Lauren worked with a number of different Conveyancers throughout this period and displayed a mature and professional approach to her work. Lauren always works with a smile on her face and is enjoying working with Jason and Liz. Thank you for your hard work and commitment Lauren. Very well done to you.”
employee of the year Kathryn Jones

Employee of the Year

Kathryn Jones

“Kathryn continues to provide exemplary client care to both her clients and her introducers of business. Her conveyancing team grew last year to allow for the increase in demand for her services. Congratulations Kathryn on a fantastic year. We look forward to helping you to build on our successes in 2015.”
Cheryl Head

November 2014 Award Winner

Cheryl Head

“Cheryl is the model of consistency in the way that she works, providing excellent client service as standard. Our clients and introducers love her. Thank you Cheryl and very well done!”
Nikki Lee

October 2014 Award Winner

Nikki Lee

“Nikki joined Convey Law in April 2006 and throughout her employment she has demonstrated a fantastic work ethic and desire to progress. Nikki will become a Conveyancer in the New Year and we wish her every success in her new role. Well done Nikki and thank you for your hard work. Our thoughts are with you and your family this Christmas.”

September 2014 Award Winner

Millie Rooke

“Millie has thrived in the live team environment and her dedication to provide the highest level of service to our clients has been terrific. Her enthusiasm is infectious and this award is in recognition of her hard work. Thank you Millie!”

August 2014 Award Winner

Geraint Aubrey

“Outside of work, Geraint devoted the last twelve months to train for his “Eiger Tiger Challenge”. He successfully completed his expedition in August, raising an exceptional £10,000 for Cancer Research UK. Everyone at Convey Law has helped support Geraint and we are immensely proud of his achievement. Geraint and his team have also developed into one of our most consistent and effective conveyancing teams under Geraint’s leadership. Well done Geraint – great work!”
Alex Harris

July 2014 Award Winner

Alex Harris

“Alex has worked at Convey Law for a few years now and has matured and developed into an excellent Legal Assistant. Alex always shows a huge level of commitment to his duties and is often in work very early to make sure that he, and his award winning team, are providing the very best level of service for our clients and introducers. Thank you Alex for your hard work and dedication.”

June 2014 Award Winner

Rachel Harley

“Rachel joined Convey Law earlier this year and has settled in very well. Rachel produces a great amount of work at a high standard every day and is a deserved winner of the award. Congratulations Rachel.”
Judith Rose and Marion Wood

May 2014 Award Winner

Judith Rose and Marion Wood

“The Award for employee of the month goes to Judith Rose and Marion Wood who recently celebrated their ten year anniversaries! Judith joined us on 7th June 2004 and qualified as a legal cashier in April 2008. Judith is a dependable, hard working individual who is considered an invaluable member of the team. Marion started work within our environment on 14th June 2004 as a paralegal and moved to the Accounts Department in 2010. Marion a consistent performer within the Accounts Team who is always more than happy to help her colleagues. Thank you both for your continued commitment and hard work”

April 2014 Award Winner

Bethany Summers

“Bethany worked incredibly hard last month to achieve her targets and to excel in her Paralegal role. Since joining the company early last year, Bethany has developed into a very reliable and efficient conveyancing assistant. Bethany has worked  hard to ensure that she maintains the highest standards of client care and attention to detail. Congratulations Bethany – keep up the great work! “
Staff photo of Molly

February 2014 Award Winner

Molly James

“Molly always works hard and is a very dedicated member of the team. She has given up her weekends to come to work, for the benefit of the team, in order to try and keep the team within the “green”. She regularly works her lunch hours and stays late to finish her tasks. She has also provided invaluable assistance to the department management team.”

January 2014 Award Winner

Kathryn Jones

“Conveyancer Kathryn was worked exceptionally hard last month in meeting her completion targets whilst at the same time undertaking academic qualifications with the Council for Licensed Conveyancers. Congratulations Kathryn and thank you for your incredible hard work. We wish you the best of luck with your exam results.”

Employee of the Year 2013

Phillip Edwards

“Phill has been our most consistent performer this year, regularly combining the most completions with the fastest timelines. His hard work and dedication has been a wonderful example to all. Congratulations Phill.”

October 2013 Award Winner

Rob Hosier

“Rob has worked tirelessly all year as head of the Sales and Marketing Department and has delivered excellent instruction levels. Rob has also developed our marketing strategies enormously this year and has now been appointed as a company director. Well deserved Rob.”

August 2013 Award Winner

Maddy Watkins

“Maddy is very dedicated to her work, always coming in early and staying late when necessary. Michael finds her assistance invaluable and her experience has enabled him to settle in easily.”

July 2013 Award Winner

Tracey Havelot

“Tracey continues to display a fantastic level of commitment to her work, regularly starting work early even despite injury!”

June 2013 Award Winner

Debbie James

Debbie has worked incredibly hard for us this year. She has worked overtime to ensure that the Title Check department is running smoothly. She has covered for Conveyancers and found the time to assist with any issues that arise. She has also worked overtime through a very exciting Wimbledon. Thank you Debbie!

April 2013 Award Winner

Frances Miller

Frances rejoined us in August 2012 and has not stopped working since then!
Her commitment to her work is exemplary and is a key factor in Kirsty’s team’s performance this year!
She is consistently the first to arrive in the office in the morning.

March 2013 Award Winner

Gareth Finch

Gareth started with Convey Law at the beginning of February. He has enjoyed a great start to his new role in the sales and marketing team and has shown excellent commitment and dedication to the tasks that he has been asked to perform. Well done Gareth – keep going!

March 2013 Award Winner

Charlotte Rose

Charlotte is one of Convey Law’s most successful sales people. Charlotte has shown great dedication to her position at Convey Law, putting in extra hours when required to meet her targets and assist with issues that require clarification. Charlotte has been an excellent member of the sales and marketing team. Thank you Charlotte. Keep up the great work.

February 2013 Award Winner

Joanne Salkeld

Jo joined Convey Law in 2003 and throughout her time with the company, she has always displayed a fantastically consistent performance in varying roles and is always willing to help – even with the towels!!

January 2013 Award Winner

Nikki Lee

The award for Employee of the Month for January 2013 goes to Nikki Lee. Thank You for all your hard work.

Employee of the Year Award Winner

Employee of the Year 2012

Gareth Richards

Gareth always shows a huge amount of dedication and commitment to Convey Law and his fellow colleagues. This award is well deserved. He has worked tirelessly with the Live Teams during 2012 to make sure we are always providing the very best levels of service. From all of us Gareth, Thank You.

Employee of the Month Award Winners

October 2012 Award Winner

Felicity Waite

The award for Employee of the Month goes to Felicity Waite. Felicity has done a fantastic job since joining us just a few short months ago. She has worked tirelessly when covering for other Conveyancing Teams before establishing her own team and successfully nurturing excellent working relationships with her Introducers of business. Well done Fizzy and thank you. keep up the Great work!

September 2012 Award Winner

Gareth Evans

Gareth Evans started work for Convey Law on 10th September 2002 as an accounts assistant. Gareth worked tirelessly, completed his Accounts Cashier exams and went on to lead the Accounts team to becoming one of our most effective teams. Gareth has implemented numerous procedures and adapted the department to make it a highly effective, paper free auditing facility. Thank you for your hard work and dedication Gareth.

July 2012 Award Winner

Gareth Richards & Phillip Edwards

Both Gareth and Phil worked tirelessly on a very difficult case recently and showed true commitment and determination. Well done to you both and thank you for your hard work.

June 2012 Award Winner

Cheryl Head

Cheryl has remained a consistent performer throughout the year in relation to her completion and timeline targets. Customer service is the name of the game for Cheryl. Cheryl has achieved fantastic client and introducer service ratings consistently throughout the year. Thank you Cheryl, keep up the great work.

May 2012 Award Winner

Kathryn Birt

Kathryn recently moved up into a Conveyancing role under the supervision of Sarah Mason. She has done extremely well on the ‘fast track’ course under the supervision of Gareth Richards and is currently studying for her Licensed Conveyancer examinations. Kathryn is always consistent and is always looking to be the best that she can be! Well done Kathryn, keep up the Great work!

March 2012 Award Winner

Anita Macklin

The award for Employee of the Month for March goes to Anita Macklin! Anita celebrated her 10 year anniversary of full time employment with us this month. Anita has worked in various departments within our environment and has always excelled in every role that she has been asked to perform. Congratulations Anita, keep up the Great work!

February 2012 Award Winner

Kirsty Bard

The award for Employee of the Month goes to Kirsty Bard! Kirsty celebrated her 10 year anniversary of full time employment with us on the 6th March 2012. Kirsty is a valued member of staff and has worked in almost every department we have and has excelled in every role that she has been asked to perform. Well done Kirsty, keep up the Great work!

January 2012 Award Winner

Nikki Lee

The award for Employee of the Month went to Nikki Lee! One of the best Legal Assistants we have in our environment. Nikki always works hard and does her best in relation to everything that she does.Her contribution is very much appreciated. Thank you Nikki, keep up the Great work.

December 2011 Award Winner

Rob Hosier

The award for Employee of the Month for December goes to Rob Hosier. Rob has done a fantastic job as our Sales Account Manager throughout the course of this year despite adverse market conditions. Well done Rob, keep up the Great work.

November 2011 Award Winner

Louise Gearon

The award for Employee of the Month for November goes to Louise Gearon. Louise has received some fantastic feedback from our clients and Introducers alike in relation to her willingness to help and her excellent telephone manner. Well done Louise, keep up the Great work!

October 2011 Award Winner

Gareth Richards

The Employee of the Month Award for October went to our Legal Director and Conveyancing Supervisor Gareth Richards. Gareth has done a fantastic job over the last 12 months providing excellent support to our Live Teams and ensuring the smooth running of our Conveyancing Department. Well done Gareth, keep up the Great work!

August 2011 Award Winner

Samantha Collier

Samantha has worked incredibly hard over the course of the last few months covering the Live Team Conveyancers whilst they are on annual leave. She has done a fantastic job in what is always a difficult environment to work in as a Conveyancer. Well done Samantha and keep up the good work.

July 2011 Award Winner

Jason Clarke

The award for Employee of the Month for July goes to Jason Clarke who will also be celebrated in August his 10 Year Anniversary of working for Convey Law. Jason started working within our environment on the 10th August 2001. Throughout his ten years with us he has provided an unerring service. Jason provides us with a sense of perspective within our environment and always enjoys a good party. Congratulations and Thank You Jason.

June 2011 Award Winner

Liz Morgan

The award for Employee of the Month for June goes to Liz Morgan. Liz has progressed extremely well since joining Sara Watkins’ Team and is always keen to learn and willing to take on new tasks. Well done Liz, keep up the good work.

May 2011 Award Winner

Maria Hunt

The award for Employee of the Month for May goes to Maria Hunt. Maria is the Team Leader for the Welcome Pack Team, which has made tremendous progress throughout the course of this year. Maria has trained a multitude of individuals this year on our internal practices and procedures and has now been tasked with setting up a Completions Team for us. No job is too big or too small – Well Done Maria, keep up the Great work.

April 2011 Award Winner

Lucinda Gough

The award for Employee of the Month for April goes to Lucinda Gough. Lucinda has shown real dedication and commitment in leading the team through the month of April, especially after only just recovering from illness. The team did a fantastic job in April in relation to client service ratings and fastest timelines under Lucinda’s leadership. Thank you Lucinda for all your hard work.

March 2011 Award Winner

Ben Edmunds

The award for Employee of the Month for March goes to Ben Edmunds. Ben has excelled in his role throughout the course of the month and received some fantastic client feedback. He is an asset to the team and to the company. “Benjamin Edmunds was absolutely brilliant 100 out of 100, he was the one that got my transaction rolling and I could always get a very quick update from him”.

February 2011 Award Winner

Marion Wood

Marion is always helpful and a pleasure to work with. “No task is ever too much of a problem. Marion has recently moved from the Live Teams into the Accounts Department. She has fitted in well in her environment. Thank you for your hard work Marion!

January 2011 Award Winner

Sara Watkins

Sara Watkins celebrated her 10th anniversary of working for us last year. Sara has always been incredibly professional in her work and her commitment has always been exemplary. Sara started work as a receptionist and qualified as a licensed conveyancer 3 years ago. Sara is now one of our most successful conveyancers, providing exemplary client services and completion timelines. Thank you for your hard work Sara. You are very much appreciated.

November 2011 Award Winner

Kathryn Birt

Kathryn has worked with us at Convey Law since April 2010 and we have received fantastic feedback from all of the teams she has worked with. Kathryn works long hours when she needs to and provided cover fantastically well for her Conveyancer when she was taken ill this month. Well done Kathryn, keep up the great work.

September 2010 Award Winner

Maddy Watkins

Maddy works extremely hard putting in an incredible amount of extra hours and is dedicated in assisting the team moving from good to great! Maddy has only been working in a Live Team since February this year however she has progressed very well and has made her mark. Well done Maddy, keep up the good work!

August 2010 Award Winner

Bhanvna Mungar Bundhoo

The award for Employee of the Month for August goes to Bhavna Mungar Bundhoo. Bhavna led the team whilst Jason was on annual leave and did a fantastic job. Bhavna was involved in a very serious car accident at the beginning of August and still managed to come to work and keep the team running effectively. Well done Bhavna, thank you for your hard work and total commitment.

July 2010 Award Winner

Rob Hosier

Rob has done an excellent job in his new role as our Sales Account Manager throughout the course of this year. Rob has introduced new sources of business and has worked well with the Conveyancing Teams to ensure that our existing introducers are well looked after and keep on instructing us. Rob plays an invaluable role within our environment in this respect. Rob has also taken up the role of our Health and Safety Officer. Rob has formulated and implemented a detailed and robust Health and Safety Policy for the company over the course of the last few months; this particular project required diligence and perseverance in huge quantities. Well done Rob. Thank you Rob for your hard work and commitment.

June 2010 Award Winner

Lucinda Gough

The award for employee of the month for June goes to Lucinda Gough. Lucinda has progressed exceptionally well over the past 6 – 12 months enrolling in the Fast Track Fee Earner course and really making her mark in Claire Ford’s Team. Lucinda covered the team for a two week period in Claire’s absence, proving herself to be a capable fee earner. Lucinda demonstrated real determination in making sure that the team met its completion target and made every effort to ensure that the team were up to date in readiness for Claire’s return.

May 2010 Award Winner

Lee Hart

Lee is a dedicated member of staff, always ensuring that we have all we need in terms of stationary and making sure that all post is ready to leave the building on time. Lee is always willing to help other staff members to ensure the smooth running of each department. Lee is getting married on Wednesday 16th June and we would like to take this opportunity to wish him all the best on his special day. Well done Lee and keep up the good work!

April 2010 Award Winner

Natalie Arr

Natalie joined us in September 2007 as a member of our Welcome Pack Team. Since then Natalie has been instrumental in implementing new systems and procedures and ensuring that all members of the team are working the same way. Natalie has also played a big part in training new members of staff and helping new staff members settle into our environment. Natalie is always willing to help other departments, covering other support team members for holiday’s etc when required to do so. Natalie has worked incredibly hard over the last two months, in particular in assisting the HIPs Department. Well done Natalie and thank you for your hard work!

March 2010 Award Winner

Maria Hunt

Maria has managed the Abeyance Team since we created it in 2006 and has done a fantastic job with a full review of all files having been undertaken at the start of the year. Maria is highly versatile in her role and as well as dealing with HIPs and Debt Recovery she has played a significant role in assisting the Accounts Department when needed, as well as Post completion and the Welcome Pack Team. Maria does a fantastic job, taking everything in her stride and doing a great job in whatever is asked of her. Maria embraces the corporate events and initiatives at Convey Law and took part in the Midnight Walk for Ty Hafan, she could be heard laughing all around Cardiff. Thank you Maria you’re doing a great job! Brilliant!