A Day in the Life of a Conveyancer

“There is nothing better than the sense of achievement you feel when your client has moved into their new home and calls to thank you for all your help.”

Phill Edwards

Phill Edwards has been happily working at Convey Law for over 10 years. Here’s what a typical day looks like for Phill:


8.30 amArrive at the office, switch on the computer, check emails and make a coffee.

8.50 amDeal with any matters that take time to consider whilst the phones are quiet.

9.30 amCollect and sort through the days post.

09.50 amHold a short team meeting, review the day’s agenda and discuss any urgent matters.

11.00 pmStart updating clients and introducers on the status of their cases and deal with any overnight enquiries.

12.00 pmReview any imminent completions to ensure they will hit their projected completion date.

1.00 pmDictate any letters that need to be sent out.

2.00 pmLunchtime, have some lunch and check through further emails received.

2.30 pmReview matters due or planning to exchange the following day.

3.00 pmEnsure all projected completions are on schedule.

3.30 pmEnsure all post is ready to be collected for delivery.

4.00 pmEnsure any urgent matters, emails or calls have been dealt with or returned.

4.30 pmFinal team meeting, review the days productivity and begin scheduling the following day’s tasks.

5.00 pm Home Time!