Employee Awards

We value the contribution of our people and encourage them to excel. We believe in recruiting and retaining those who share our values and are committed to their own personal development and career. We have a proven track record of developing individuals who have risen to senior positions within our environment.

A career with Convey Law means job fulfilment, realising your potential and having access to learning opportunities. Opportunities for people to grow within our environment are plentiful as we continue to expand and our people are encouraged to take on new roles and responsibilities to meet the needs of the business. Continuous professional development and training is given a high priority for all members of staff.

As a GOLD Investor In People accredited learning organisation, we enjoy in-house training facilities of the highest standard. Every employee is supported by a modern performance management culture, with access provided to legal, administrative, financial and IT specialists.

Latest Awards

Each month at Convey Law our members of staff are given the opportunity to win achievement awards. Our employee awards recognise and value individuals who have made an outstanding contribution within our environment. Our awards are split into three categories, Employee of the Month, Team of the Month and Charity Star Award.

2018 Awards

Employee of the Month- January 2018

Natalie Flint

It gives us great pleasure to announce that January’s Employee of the Month has been awarded to Natalie Flint. Natalie’s performance in January was exemplary – 22 Exchanges, and 92% Client Service over 12 Reviews. In addition, Natalie has worked incredibly hard in securing the Haart Croydon branch and we have received glowing feedback from the branch manager in relation to Natalie’s performance and personable nature. Thank you for your hard work Natalie and Congratulations on the Award, the Senior Management Team and the Supervisors were unanimous in their decision, you should be very proud!!

2017 Awards


Employee of the Year 2017

Nikki Fuller

Nikki joined Convey Law in April 2006 and very quickly established herself as one of the most efficient, committed and caring Paralegals in our environment…read more.


Introducer Service Award 2017

Stephen Thomas

Stephen Thomas has always strived to build effectve and mutually rewarding relationships with his Introducers of business and this was once again evidenced last year with Stephen’s hard work…read more.


Client Service Award 2017

Cheryl Head

Our Purpose at Convey Law is to provide excellent client service and Cheryl Head won the Convey Law Annual Client Service Award…read more.


Fastest Timelines 2017

Sophie Wheaton

We pride ourselves on the fact that we are one of the most proactive and fastest conveyancing companies in the UK. The 2017 Fastest Timelines Award was won by Sophie Wheaton…read more.


Most Exchanges 2017

Shannon Russell

Congratulations to Joanne Powell’s Team for winning the Most Exchanges Award for 2017…read more.


Best Newcomer 2017

Shannon Russell

The Best Newcomer Award was a very tight contest this year as we introduced over 40 new employees into our environment and the Conveyancing Supervisors chose Shannon Russell…read more.


Outstanding Contribution 2017

Cheryl Head

We are delighted to announce that the recipient of the Outstanding Contribution Award for 2017 goes to our very own ‘Queen of Client Service’, Cheryl Head…read more.


Most Improved 2017

Fern Bridgman

The 2017 Most Improved Award has been awarded to Fern Bridgman. Fern joined Convey Law in March 2007 and has always excelled in her Paralegal/Assistant roles…read more.


Employees of the Month- September 2017

Phil Edwards & Debbie James

A very well deserved Employee of the Month Award goes to TWO members of our team! Congratulations to Debbie and Phil who both celebrate 14 years with us this month.
Thank you both for your incredible hard work and perseverance over the years!


Employee of the Month- August 2017

Paige Branson

Congratulations to our August Employee of the Month, which has been awarded to Paige Branson. Since moving into the Junior Conveyancer role, Paige has demonstrated fantastic effort and commitment to her role and last month Paige achieved some wonderful results – 21 Exchanges with a Client Service Rating of 92% over 11 reviews, 9 of those reviews from Lloyds Banking Group clients. Well done Paige, you should be incredibly proud of your progress and development – we are!


Team of the Month- August 2017

Nicolle Jones

Our Team of the Month has been awarded to Nicolle Jones. Nicholle and Reem, have achieved a whopping 35 exchanges with a Client Service Rating of 88%. Nicolle has also overseen the coaching and mentoring of Reem through the “Buddy Development” competencies, which should see Reem start taking her first files later this month – truly fantastic!!


Employee of the Month- July 2017

Jillian Walliker

Congratulations to our July Employee of the Month, which has been awarded to Jillian Walliker. Since Jill joined Convey Law in May 2011, she has demonstrated a fantastic work ethic and exemplary committment to her role in the Post-Completion Department, contributing new ideas and initiatives to improve the Department and the registration process – thank you Jill, you should be very proud!


Employee of the Month- June 2017

Joint Winners of Employee of the Month, Alex Harris and Sophie Wheaton

It gives us great pleasure to announce the joint recipients of the Employee of the Month Award for June – Sophie Wheaton and Alex Harris.Sophie achieved a truly remarkable set of performance results in June with 36 exchanges in total and a client satisfaction score of 93%! Alex Harris has displayed exemplary commitment to client and introducer service, which has seen two Spicerhaart offices change allocation to work with him! Brilliant service, well done both!!

Team of the Month – May 2017

Ty Hafan Rainbow Runners

Thank you to the 15 members of staff who joined friends and family members in completing the Ty Hafan Rainbow Run, which took place in sunny Barry Island on the 13th May.
The Rainbow Runners have raised in excess of £1,000.00 for our nominated charity – special thank you to Alex Harris who raised over £200.00 individually. Well done to all involved!!

Employee of the Month – May 2017

Vicky Saunders

It gives us great pleasure to announce the May Employee of the Month – Congratulations Vicky Saunders.
During May, Vicky surpassed her performance targets by some way and received some wonderful feedback from her clients and introducers of business. Well done Vicky – fantastic performance!!

Team of the Month – April 2017

The Ty Hafan China Trekkers

Congratulations to Lloyd, Georgia and Jasmine who completed the mammoth Great Wall of China Trek in aid of Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice. The trek was completed with great memories and friendships made and raised an incredible £12,000 from Convey Law in the process, adding to a fundraising total in excess of £60,000!! It gives me great pleasure to award the Ty Hafan Trekkers the Team of the Month Award for April – well done for your fantastic achievement!!! Lloyd, Georgia and Jasmine have donated the Team of the Month prize money to their favourite charity – Ty Hafan!!

Employee of the Month – April 2017

Stacey Rake-Yoxall

Stacey has always displayed a fantastic work ethic and commitment to her role and the April Employee of the Month Award is true recognition for a month in which Stacey has exceeded her performance targets and received fantastic client service feedback along the way – thank you Stacey, keep up the great work!!

Team of the Month – March 2017

New Business Team

NBT secured record numbers of instructions in March and continue to prove themselves to be the best conveyancing sales team in the industry – thank you!!

Employee of the Month – March 2017

Nicolle Jones

Nicolle’s commitment to her clients and introducers is exceptional, regularly going above and beyond to ensure that her clients receive the highest level of service at all times – thank you Nicolle for your hard work – you should be very proud!!

Team of the Month – February 2017

Joanne Powell’s Team

It gives us great pleasure to announce that our February Team of the Month has been awarded to Joanne Powell’s Team. As one of our Senior Conveyancing Teams, Joanne and Leanne have formed a wonderful working relationship, which is reflected in the way that they conduct their caseload and the fantastic service feedback received from their clients and introducers – thank you Team JP!!

Employee of the Month – February 2017

Donna McCarthy

Donna joined Convey Law 3 years ago and has performed each of her roles with fantastic commitment and humour and the February Employee of the Month Award is appropriate acknowledgement of her great performance of her Junior Conveyancer role – well done Donna!!

2016 Awards

Team of the Year 2016

The Kirsty Robinson Conveyancers

We broke the mold at Convey Law in 2016 in the way that we develop our staff and this was evidenced by the fantastic achievements of Stacey, Brie, Sophie and Nicolle who have all achieved consistent levels of exchanges, client service and fees throughout the course of their initiation period under the expert supervision of Kirsty Robinson. Well done ladies, thank you for your incredible hard work, dedication and professionalism – you are an inspiration for others to follow.
Kirsty Robinson

Employee of the Year 2016

Kirsty Robinson

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Kirsty this month as she leaves for warmer climes. Since returning to Convey Law, Kirsty has moved from her role as a brilliant Conveyancer to an exceptional Supervising Senior Conveyancer and mentor and has been instrumental in the success of our Junior Conveyancer Programme. Thank you for your wonderful hard work Kirsty and we look forward to visting the Convey Law Cyprus branch in the near future!!

Most Exchanges Award 2016

Phill Edwards

“To win the Most Exchanges Award is a fantastic achievement, but to achieve the Award for four consecutive years is an incredible feat and is testament to Phill’s hard work, professionalism and committment to his clients – well done Team Phill.”

Client Service Award & Introducer Service Award 2016

Cheryl Head

“Exceptional Client and Introducer Service is at the core of everything that we strive to achieve at Convey Law and this is perfectly demonstrated by Cheryl in the way that she conducts her caseload and always goes the extra mile for her clients and introducers – fantastic again, thank you Cheryl.”

Fastest Timelines Award 2016

Sophie Wheaton

“A wonderful achievement by Sophie in her first year as a Conveyancer at Convey Law, averaging exchange timelines of just 9 weeks over the 2016 period – well done Sophie!!”

Most Improved Award 2016

Frances Miller

“We completely changed our business model and way of working in 2016 and there were many candidates for the Most Improved Award, but none more deserving than Frances. Since taking up her Conveyancing role, Frances has embraced the opportunity with a smile and typically fantastic commitment. Thank you Frances – great to see you enjoying your work and providing such excellent client service.”

Outstanding Contribution Award

Anita Macklin

“In April this year, Anita will have completed 15 years service at Convey Law, which is incredible – this wonderful lady is an inspiration to us all – thank you Anita!! We all want to have your commitment, drive and sense of fun at 80 years of age – keep going!!”

Previous Awards

Sam Doubler

November 2016 Employee of the Month

Sam Doubler

During Sam’s first month as a Junior Conveyancer she achieved 19 exchanges, with a Customer Service Rating of 91% – a fantastic start to her new role – thank you Sam!!

November 2016 Team of the Month

Cheryl Heads Team

In November, Cheryl exchanged on 24 sale cases and completed 44 remortgage transactions, whilst receiving wonderful feedback from her introducers and a 96% Customer Satisfaction Rating from of her clients – great work Cheryl and thank you!!!
Alex and Sophia

October 2016 Employee of the Month

Alex Harris and Sophia Ramzan

Employee of the Month Award for October was awarded to both Alex Harris and Sophia Ramzan for their recent fantastic efforts – the management team could not split the two!!! Alex has performed fantastically well in his new Junior Conveyancer role, receiving some wonderful feedback from his clients and introducers – well done Alex!!! Since joining us in August, Sophia has immersed herself in the environment, performing admirably in a number of roles, most notably in providing effective Conveyancer cover and now in her Junior Conveyancer role – thank you Sophia!!
(p.s. The Directors were face painted by the staff for Children in Need)

August 2016 Team of the Month

Team Phil Edwards

In August, Phil’s team recorded 58 Exchanges with a Client Service Rating of 91% with some fantastic comments from the 15 reviews received from their happy clients – well done team Phil.

August 2016 Employee of the Month

Bethany Summers

Bethany has recently moved into a Junior Conveyancer role and has performed fantastically well during her short spell in the hot seat. Prior to taking up her new role, Bethany has provided some excellent cover for Conveyancers and has received positive feedback from her periods of cover!!

July 2016 Team of the Month

Team Jason Clarke

Jason, Lauren and Leanne completed a record 57 transactions during the month of July whilst maintaining exemplary client service standards. Congratulations Jason and good luck Lauren in your new Case Handler role within the Team.

July 2016 Employee of the Month

Brie Harris

Brie completed an exemplary number of transactions throughout the month of July whilst maintaining an excellent standard of service and securing some great client service reviews. Thank you Brie for your incredible hard work and a great set of results.

June 2016 Employee(s) of the Month

Louise Lavelle and Molly James

In the absence of any outstanding Teams in June, we made a joint award to Molly James and Louise Lavelle for their outstanding contribution to Convey Law. Both Molly and Louise have shown an ability to excel at whatever task they are asked to perform, often taking up new tasks without hesitation. Thank you both for your incredible hard work.

May 2016 Team of the Month

Team Sophie Wheaton

Sophie maintained her own caseload, producing exemplary results, both in relation to CSR and exchange figures whilst also helping to manage the caseloads of her colleagues whilst they were away on annual leave. Thank you Sophie for your incredible hard work.

May 2016 Employee of the Month

Frances Miller

Frances has shown incredible commitment during her time at Convey Law, covering for Conveyancers when they are away from the office. Frances rarely starts work after 8am! Thank you for your incredible hard work once again Frances and congratulations on your Employee of the Month Award.

April 2016 Team of the Month

Nikki Lee

We celebrated 10 years of employment at Convey Law for Nikki Lee on the 18th April 2016. Nikki is a great ambassador for Convey Law and has developed into an exceptional Conveyancer in recent years. Have a great day Nikki and thank you for your incredible hard work over the years.

February 2016 Employee of the Month

Nicolle Jones

Nicolle has made a fantastic start to her career as a Junior Conveyancer at Convey Law, achieving Bonus in her first Quarter! Nicolle certainly has a bright future here at Convey Law.

February 2016 Team of the Month

New Business Team

NBT recorded their best ever figures in February, this is a fantastic achievement. Well done and thank you for all your hard work!

January 2016 Employee(s) of the Month

Fern Bridgeman/Bethany Summers

Both Bethany and Fern provided fantastic cover support whilst their Conveyancers were on annual leave. Both have shown a great level of commitment, thank you for your hard work and dedication!

Employee of the Year 2015

Phill Edwards

“Phill stood out as the most effective and efficient Convey Law conveyancing employee in 2015. Phill’s won the Convey Law Team of the Year award for his consistency in relation to client service and exemplary conveyancing practice. Congratulations Phill and thank you for your hard work. We look forward to working with you in 2016 in building on your successes and emulating your conveyancing model throughout the whole of Convey Law.”

Team of the Year 2015

Kirsty Robinson’s Team

Kristy’s team did a fantastic job last year in building relationships with their introducers of business. Introducer service ratings were consistently over 90%, with a plethora of great service comments made throughout the year. Kristy’s ability to develop her introducer relationships is a model for others to follow and ensures that team bonus payments are always at a maximum! Thank you all for your hard work and commitment.
Georgia Davies

November 2015 Employee of the Month

Georgia Davies

November’s Employee of the Month is awarded to Georgia Davies. Georgia has demonstrated a fantastic level of commitment to her role with Nikki’s Team and regularly receives high praise from the team’s clients – congratulations Georgia!

November 2015 Team of the Month

Team Geraint Aubrey

November’s Team of the Month is awarded to Geraint Aubrey’s Team who smashed their Exchange target, securing 56 Exchanges in November and building fantastic relationships with their Chancellors offices – well done team!!
Stacey Rake-Yoxall

October 2015 Employee of the Month

Stacey Rake-Yoxall

Since joining us, Stacey has displayed a fantastic work ethic, providing effective cover for the Conveyancers recently – thank you for your hard work Stacey!

October 2015 Team of the Month

Team Stephen Thomas

October’s Team of the Month Award goes to Stephen Thomas’ Team who achieved their Exchange Target, whilst recording an impressive 91% Client Service Rating – well done!!
Kirsty Bard

September 2015 Employee of the Month

Kirsty Bard

Kirsty has worked tirelessly over the course of the last 2 months to ensure that our new accounts exchange authorisation procedure is working effectively. She has introduced new methods of working within the department and helped the department to streamline its activities to provide the most effective service to everyone at Convey Law and to our clients. Kirsty has shown a great aptitude for implementing new systems and procedures and has worked tirelessly to ensure their execution within our environment. Thank you Kirsty for your ingenuity and hard work.

September 2015 Team of the Month

Team Kirsty Robinson

Kirsty’s Team did exceptionally well throughout the month of September, achieving excellent client service results whilst completing 18 transactions over target! Nicole and Tom worked exceptionally hard to ensure that client service was not compromised whilst Kirsty was away on annual leave and performed brilliantly. Thank you all for your wonderful hard work and commitment to client service.
Cheryl Head

August 2015 Employee of the Month

Cheryl Head

“Cheryl continues to provide a fantastic level of client service, always recording wonderful feedback on a consistent basis.

Well done and thank you for your hard work!”

August 2015 Team of the Month

New Business Team

The New Business Team were recently reconfirmed as one of best sales team in the conveyancing industry through mystery shopping exercises carried out earlier this year. They have consistently hit their sales conversion targets and have implemented new systems of operation including using new headsets in a paper free environment, implemented a new allocation system and a new Welcome Pack chaser procedure.
Lauren Ismail

July 2015 Employee of the Month

Lauren Ismail

“Lauren has always demonstrated a fantastic attitude to her work and has excelled in her role in Felicity’s Team. Lauren recently completed the CLC Paralegal Course and will shortly commence her studies on the formal CLC qualification.

Well done Lauren and thank you for your hard work!”

July 2015 Team of the Month

Jason Clarke’s Team

Jason’s team have achieved some great results over recent months, consistently achieving target over the last quarter, culminating in the July Team of the Month Award.

Congratulations to you all and thank you for your hard work!!

Brie Harris

June 2015 Employee of the Month

Brie Harris

Since joining us in May 2014 Brie has proved herself to be a highly committed member of staff, excelling in her role.
Brie has recently completed the CLC Paralegal Course and will shortly commence her studies on the formal CLC qualification.Well done Brie and thank you for your hard work!

June 2015 Team of the Month

Phill Edwards’ Team

Phill’s Team continue to demonstrate a fantastic level of consistency in achieving targets whilst providing excellent customer service.

We all need a ticket for their energy bus!!

Thank you all for your hard work!


May 2015 Employee of the Month

Joanne Powell

“Since joining us in March, Jo has displayed a fantastic work ethic and commitment to her role, performing fantastically when covering for Geraint recently.

Well done Jo – thank you for your hard work!”

May 2015 Team of the Month

Nikki’s Team

“Congratulations to Nikki and her team. Nikki achieved fantastic results in May whilst studying for her CILEX exams.

Well done and thank you for your hard work Nikki!”


April 2015 Employee of the Month

Gareth Evans

“Congratulations to our Head of Finance and Administration, Gareth Evans. Gareth was recently been appointed as a Director of Convey Law, in recognition of his commitment, expertise and loyalty to the company. Gareth has revolutionised the Convey Law Accounts Department so that it is a fully functioning auditing department for our business. He continues to strive towards a paper free environment, adapting and innovating change as required. We are delighted to welcome Gareth to the Board of Directors at Convey Law. Welcome Gareth and thank you for your hard work over the last 12 years.”

April 2015 Team of the Month

Kirstys’ Team

“The Team of the Month for April goes to Kirsty Robinson’s Team who excelled in exchanging contracts on 54 transactions in April from a target of 40 transactions. Throughout the month, Kirsty, Amy, Millie and Keaton achieved service targets in excess of 80% and once again earned some fantastic introducer reviews. Thank you to all you for your hard work – well done.”

March 2015 Employee of the Month

Natalie Arr

“Congratulations to Natalie Arr for winning the Employee of the Month Award for March 2015. Natalie has instigated and developed a reporting procedure for the Welcome Pack Team, which is now being utilised throughout all of the background teams, to measure and manage caseloads and performance. Under her management and supervision, the Welcome Pack Team have performed exceptionally well and are now performing to target – well done to you all for your hard work. Well done Natalie – thank you for your hard work and innovative thinking.”
Kirsty Robinson

February 2015 Employee of the Month

Kirsty Robinson

“Kirsty continued to provide exceptional client service in February, despite very difficult personal circumstances. Thank you for your incredible professionalism and perseverance Kirsty. You are a pleasure to work with.”
Lauren Rooke

January 2015 Employee of the Month

Lauren Rooke

“Lauren worked tirelessly at the end of last year, and at the start of this year, to provide exceptional service to our clients. Lauren worked with a number of different Conveyancers throughout this period and displayed a mature and professional approach to her work. Lauren always works with a smile on her face and is enjoying working with Jason and Liz. Thank you for your hard work and commitment Lauren. Very well done to you.”

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